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VIP Clubs

VIP Club

In order to become a VIP member all you have to do is fill up a form with your general information – name, date of birth and address. You DO NOT need an ID to sign up. Filling up the form and registering is FREE and you DO NOT have to have a certain minimum of coupons. Everything is easy and it doesn’t take too much time. As a just registered member you receive a drawing ticket for the following special VIP drawings:

As a VIP member you receive many specials including our annual newsletter with the latest updates. Enjoy your membership and the benefits that come with it!

Regular Club

When you join our club you become a regular member. Which means that you receive all the benefits of a VIP customer, but you do not receive any discount. On your VIP Card would appear a date, which is exactly one year ahead from the date that you have joined. This date is not an expiration date for your card, you points or your membership. The computer automatically renews your account each year and your points carry over into the next year. The date that appears on your card is a reminder of until what date you have to accumulate a certain amount of winnings in order to move to a higher level. If you do not accumulate these winnings you remain a regular member for another year. The winnings are different from your balance: your balance is the points that you can spend for merchandise and your winning are the whole amount of points that you have been winning on the machines throughout the year.

Copper Club

Copper Club is a promotional level that gives you 5 % discount from all the merchandise in Gateway 26. You get manually escalated to this level. You can not reach it yourself with winnings. Once you receive that special copper membership you use it’s benefits for one year. After the expiration date on your card you loose your 5% discount, and you continue being a member but in the Regular Club. There are 3 ways to become a copper member:

1) with a coupon, that you can find in the “Boardwalk Bucks” booklet – it’s been placed in hotels, restaurants and information centers;

2) with a coupon that you can find among the advertising materials of The Chamber of Commers;

3) with a coupon from Splash Zone. Besides becoming a copper member with these coupons you receive other prizes in the next three days like FREE soda, FREE stuffed animal, FREE Wildwood souvenir, and a special VIP drawing ticket.

Bronze Club

The Bronze Club is the first level that a customers can work their way up in order to receive a discount. If you accumulate 10000 coupons from winnings within a year the computer automatically escalates you from regular level to bronze and you start receiving 10% discount from all the merchandise in the store. The winnings are all the points that you have won on the machines and you had added to your account during this one year. It’s different from you balance. You don’t need to keep your coupons in your account, you can spend them for merchandise and that’s not going to affect you winnings. Once you have become a Bronze member your membership is valid for a year. If you want to keep your status for one more year after the expiration date, you have to win another 10 000 coupons during the year. Or you can move up, the next level is Silver and you need to win 25000 coupons throughout the year.

Silver Club

Once you have accumulated 25 000 coupons from winnings for a period of time – one year, the computer automatically escalates you to the Silver club and you start receiving all the benefits of the membership. You receive one more drawing ticket for the special VIP drawing throughout the summer and at the end of the season. Of course the most important benefit of the Silver membership is the 15% discount from all the merchandise in the store. You keep receiving your discount for 1 year and if you want to keep it for one more year after the expiration date you have to win another 25000c. during the year. If you win less then 25000, but more than 10000c., the computer will deescalate you to the Bronze club and you discount will drop from 15% to 10%. If you can not win 10000c. or more, you’ll get deescalated to the regular club and you’ll loose your dicount. Or…you can go UP – the next level is Gold and you need 50000c. from winnings in order to reach it.

Gold Club

More you play on the machines, more you win, higher levels you reach, bigger discount you get! So GOOD LUCK and keep on playing! Being a Gold member gives you the benefits of a 20% discount from all the goods you like and all you need to reach this level is 50000c. If you have gotten that far in the levels you should be familiar how the VIP Clubs work. If you want to get higher you need to win 100000c. and you’ll become a Platinum member. If you just want to keep your Gold status, you have to make sure that you keep on winning 50000c. each year and you’ll be safe. Enjoy your discount and Play for MORE!

Platinium Club

The highest levels in our VIP Clubs are Platinum, Titanium, Diamond and Double Diamond. These are the requirements in winning for each level:

Platinum – 100 000 coupons
Titanium – 200 000 coupons
Diamond – 500 000 coupons
Double Diamond – 1 000 000 coupons
The benefits for each club is as follows:

Platinum – 25% discount
Titanium – 25% discount and 2% interest*
Diamond – 30%discount and 2% interest
Double Diamond – it’s a surprise.

*Interest you receive over all the coupons that you keep in your account as balance – like in a bank account. The interest is credited on your account once a month.


Q: Do my coupons expire after the expiration date?

A: No! Your coupons never expire. They carry over from year to year.
Q: If I registered two years ago and I haven’t been here since, am I still in the computer?

A: Yes, we keep records in the computer from 10 years ago.
Q: I have more than 10000c. in my account, why I’m not a Bronze member?

A: Because you have to win 10000c., but they have to be within one year. For the last one year your winnings are less that 10000c., but because you had coupons in your balance that carry over from previous years, that’s why you have more than 10000c., but you are not a Bronze member.
Q: Can I renew my card now, because I’m not going to be here on the expiration date?

A: We can not renew your account prior to the expiration date, but you don’t have to worry that you’re not going to be here because the computer renews your account automatically. So just the next time you’re in Gateway 26 come to the VIP Services and we will update your card.